Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Gmail has a built-in Google Chat gadget that lets you send instant messages to people in your domain, directly from your email application. Your chat is defaulted and located at the left side of your Gmail chat window.  You will have to click the more button to see the chat window.  

I prefer to see my chat window in a larger view.  To make it easier to see the chat, enable the LAB called  RIGHT SIDE CHAT.  To do this:

Click the gear icon  in the upper right, then select Settings

  1. Click the Lab tab
  2. At the search for key Right Side chat
  3. Click Enable
  4. Your chat window will now be located on the right side of your Gmail window

Once you have the right side chat enabled, click by your name and you can select a message you would like people to see.  If you have selected a picture for yourself, when you chat, people will see your picture.

Before you can chat with someone using a Google Chat, you'll need to invite them by following the instructions below. 

To invite someone to chat:
  1. In the search box at the top of the Chat area, type the persons name.  If they're already in your Contacts, Gmail will pre-populate their username.
  2. Click Invite to chat

Once they've accepted your invitation, you'll see a status button to the left of their name in your chat list, which indicates whether they're available (green), busy (red), idle (yellow), or offline (gray). At that point, just click on their name to send them a chat message.

You can send someone a chat even if they are busy. Remember that chats are saved and archived just like your Gmail.  

Chat is awesome. Give it a try.  I'm waiting to be invited to chat!

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