Monday, November 20, 2017


I have been hearing from many staff members about the mess they have in the "SHARED" drive.  My advice is usually, "Stay out of your Shared Drive unless you have to--it will drive you nuts".  However, those Shared files can now have SET EXPIRATION DATES. 

It would be a great idea to SET EXPIRATION DATES on shared files that we use from year to year. An example would be the Sophomore Showcase folder.  It gets confusing year to year trying to decide which folder/files you are using.

To SET EXPIRATION DATES do the following:

  • Click Share
  • Key in the name of the person you want to share the document with
  • Choose Can Comment or Can View - Edit does not allow for SET EXPIRATION DATES
  • If you choose Can Edit - there will be a "CLOCK" to the left

  • When you click the "CLOCK" the permissions are automatically changed to either Can Comment or Can View
  • You can change the expiration time to 7, 30, or Custom date for the shared file to expire
Make sure to check out this great feature and help us all be able to find files in the Shared Drive a little easier.

Thursday, November 9, 2017


A new look has arrived in Google Drive when it comes to looking for Images.  When you click on Insert/Images, you now see a different look to how you find Images.

When you decide the location in which you will select the Images, a sidebar opens for your choosing. Pretty awesome!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Grid View has now come to Google Slides. Google Slides are by default in a filmstrip view.

However now you can see the Slides in a Grid View format.  Click the GRID VIEW button on the left bottom corner of the screen.

In the Grid format, you can do the following:

  1. Leave Comments and see the Comment indicator
  2. Change the background, layout, and themes on Slides
  3. Set Slide Transitions - The Slide Transition panel will appear on the right side of screen
  4. Zoom in and out on slides
  5. Drag Slides to different locations

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


With the start of school, you probably feel like you are on email overload.  One way to organize your email is to use LABELS. Google offers you several ways to create a label.  Probably the easiest way to scroll to the bottom left side of the main Gmail screen and click "More".  When the list expands, click "Create new label".  A box will appear.  Enter the name for your label. (Example: "My New Label") Labels can be "nested" under different labels. Once you have the label created, you can click the black drop down arrow beside the label and do several things such as color, edit, and remove.

One way to move the email to the label is to go to the toolbar above your emails.  Click the folder and find your "My New Label" folder.  The email is moved to that label.  If you have further correspondence within this email, it will appear in your inbox with the "My New Label" folder to the side of the email.  If you colored the label, it will appear colored.

You can also drag the email to the left side of the window and simply drop the email into the "My New Label".

You can also FILTER these emails.  What does FILTER mean?  When you filter emails, you are setting up an automatic place for certain (filtered) emails to go when you receive them.  Each time I get an email that relates to "My New Label" I want it to "go" to that label.  Click on the MORE button on the toolbar, and click Filter messages like these.

The box below will appear.  First make sure that the email is from: the correct person.  You can set up more filtering helpers by filling in any of the other boxes. Then click Create filter with this search and a another box will open.

Check out the short video on how to create the filter.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


As I get ready for the new school year, one of the first tasks I complete is to get my school calendar organized.  Open your Google Calendar and your schools calendar.  My school calendar is usually organized and posted by the clerical staff in the front office. I have my Zanesville Daily calendar active (or color turned on) and my calendar active. The calendar for your school is usually found in the "Other Calendars" section.

Once you have the calendars open, look at your school calendar and find an event you want on your calendar. Click on the event and in the right-hand corner in blue you will see "Copy to my calendar". An event window will open up.  Make any changes you like and click Save.  I use Ctrl + S--it's much faster.

So get those school calendars organized in a snap.  Have a great -- organized year!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


You should now see a small change to your Google Drive called Quick Access. Based on your recent activity, Google Drive now intelligently predicts the files you need based on your recent activity.

Files in your Drive appear based on:

Frequently used or shared files
Files used at specific times of the day
When relevant meetings occur

Thursday, May 25, 2017


It's the end of the year and time to do some purging and cleaning up of files.  I like to archive my Google Classroom classes each year instead of deleting them.  I do however, get rid of students that are in each one of my Google Classrooms. It is simple to do this.

Open Google Classroom
Click on Students
Click the box to the left to select all students
Click on Actions
Click on Remove

It is that easy.

If you want information on how to Archive Google Classroom pages, see the June 1 blog or simply search for "archive".

Monday, April 3, 2017


Very soon you will notice a change to the sign in page for your Google account.  You will sign in the way you have always signed in--your username and your password will not change.  What will change about the sign in page?  The sign in page will have a much cleaner, simpler look.  The sign in process will be faster and it will be consistent across computers, phones and tablets.

The new sign in page will be happening soon, so be on the look out for it.

Thursday, March 30, 2017


A new update to Google Docs now allows for the case of text to be quickly changed to all uppercase, all lowercase, or Title Case.  Simply go to Format/Capitalization.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


After watching a YouTube review from a school colleague about a pencil sharpener he received from the Classroom Friendly Supplies Company, I thought, “I have to get me one of those.” I quickly headed off to the Classroom Friendly Supplies web site and requested the purple pencil sharpener. I did feel that it took quite a long time to receive it in the mail. However, this pencil sharpener was very well packed when it arrived.  After using the pencil sharpener, it was definitely worth the wait.

I had to play with the sharpener a few times to figure it out because there were no directions included, but it was pretty simple to figure out. I was really impressed with its ease. The sharpener is very quiet, but the best thing about the sharpener is that the pencils were super, super sharp.

The big test came when I put the pencil sharpener in my classroom for my students to try. The pencil sharpener comes with a bracket to hold the sharpener in place which seems to be fairly sturdy when attached to the counter.  I told my students to give it a try so I could have their reviews and thoughts on my new addition to my classroom.  The students loved the purple color and the design.  They thought the sharpener was easy to use and they could not get over how sharp the pencils turned out.  

After using the sharpener for a couple of days, one student even said that he thought the sharpener would make the pencils last longer because his pencil had not broken in days and he was using less lead.

Overall, I love my new purple pencil sharpener and I think that because of its sturdy construction and ease of use that it will last a very long time. My daughter will soon become an English teacher and I plan to purchase one for her new classroom.  I highly recommend it to other teachers for their classrooms.

If you are interested in checking out these amazing pencil sharpeners, be sure to go to the Classroom Friendly Supplies web site or watch their video and check out the pencil sharpeners they sell and the wonderful variety of colors they have available.