Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Have you ever received an email and you want to add the event to your calendar?  Gmail offers an easy, convenient way to create events from your inbox.  If you are reading an email that contains info that you would like to add to your Google Calendar, just follow these steps:
  1. Open the email
  2. Click on the MORE drop-down menu
  3. Select Create event
  4. Edit and add event details as desired
  5. Make sure you check to see that you want to add guests (on right) to this event
  6. Click Save
Do you need a TO DO LIST?  or  additional reminders - that is called a TASK.  Gmail Tasks by default don't show up in your calendar, but it is simple to enable.  On the left-hand side of your main calendar click on the "My Calendars" menu and select TASKS. These will now display in your calendar.

The Tasks gadget will appear on the right side of your calendar grid.

Due dates are a helpful way to organize your tasks. Here's how you use them:
Create a task with a due date
Click on an empty space in Month view or in the All Day section and select theTask option.

Assign due date to existing task
Click the right arrow next to the task in question in the Task list. Then, click on the calendar icon to select a date.

Modify a task's date
Simply drag the task to a new date (as you would with a calendar event).

Mark task complete
Click on the checkbox next to the task.
Once your tasks have been assigned to calendar dates, keep track of what's due next by using the Sort by due date feature. To do so, click the Actions menu at the bottom of the Tasks gadget and select Sort by due date. While using this feature, you can reschedule a task by selecting it in your list, then pressing Ctrl+Up arrow to move it higher or Ctrl+Down arrow to move it lower.
To print a list of your tasks, click the Actions menu at the bottom of the Tasks gadget and select Print task list.

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