Friday, July 18, 2014



As I stated in a previous blog post, I like to keep my Drive organized with folders.  Another way to organize your files and remember the important files is to Star those files.  Oh-but that has changed too.

In the old Google Drive, you could simply click the star beside the file and it was starred. Not anymore.  With the new Google Drive it requires a new action. There are a couple of ways to star a file.

1. My Favorite - Use the shortcut key combination of "s".
  • Click the file to highlight
  • Click "s
  • A message will appear at the top of your screen telling you that the file has been starred
  • To remove a file just press "s" again and the file will no longer be starred.  A message will appear at the top of your screen telling you the star has been removed 

2. Use the More actions menu

  • Click the file to highlight
  • Click the More actions menu - it's the three dots button at the top right
  • Select Add Star

3. From within an open file 
  • Open the file you want to star
  • Click the star icon to the right of the file name and the star is applied

Probably the biggest change in the new Google Drive when it comes to starring files is that you don't see the star in the Drive list or grid list as you did in the old Google Drive.  To see the files you have starred, you need to see the Starred view on the left side of your Drive.

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