Wednesday, August 6, 2014


When it comes to your Gmail, do you consider yourself a piler or filer?  What do I mean?  If you are a piler then you leave all your Gmail messages--read and unread in your inbox.  If you are a filer, then you file all your messages using Labels.

I am a filer.  I use Labels on all my Gmails that I receive.  To create a new label, the easiest way to do this is to go to the left side of your inbox, scroll down to More and click create new label.  A box will appear and you can name your label.  The new label will appear on the left side.

There a few ways to put your messages into the label.

  1. The easiest way to put a message into a label is to drag the label on the left on top of your message in your inbox
  2. Drag your message from your inbox to the left and drop into label
  3. In your inbox, click the box beside the message, the toolbar above your messages will appear, click the folder icon and put your message into the label

To get even more organized with your labels, you can click the label on the left and choose a color. When a message is in your inbox and labeled, it will have that color assigned to it.

If you want to see all your labels, your can go to your Settings (gear on right) and choose Labels.  In this setting, you can add more labels, delete and and show/hide labels.

I have blogged about Gmail Labels several times in the past.  If you want more info, just search my blog with the keyword labels and you can see previous posts.

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