Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Google has introduced it's newest bookmarks extension. This new extension will help you organize your bookmarks and uses the power of Google search to help you easily find web pages you have bookmarked.  Some notable features include:

One-Click Save - You can now save an image and make notes to your bookmarks. Google will also suggest a folder in which it thinks will help you organize your sites.

Improved Search - Using the power of Google search, its easy to find bookmarks.

Collect Bookmarks by Title - Your bookmarks will be automatically organized by topic, like "English, "Google",  "History". You can still organize your bookmarks into your own topics and folders.

Existing Bookmarks - When you install this new bookmark extension, your current bookmarks will automatically be updated with images and descriptions if possible.

Share - If you have a folder of your favorite bookmarks or want to share the bookmarks with teachers or students, you can now share the link with whomever you'd like to access to it. Everything else will remain private.

Get the new extension here. Bookmark Manger Extension

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