Thursday, January 8, 2015

VIDEOS, VIDEOS, VIDEOS (educational and fun)

Many of use YouTube for educational purposes on a daily basis. But did you know that there are SO many other web sites on the Internet that offer educational and fun places to find videos.

Check out this list of great video web sites and channels available on YouTube.

  1. CURIOSITY - Did you know that you can hang 40kg from a Gecko before it falls from the ceiling? Everything from what happens in space to why we have armpits are available on this learning video web site.
  2. EDUTUBE - EduTube is definitely a "nerd" web site. Lots of videos about science, math, and technology.  Check out the Top 100 section. You can select videos by educational level and category.  Worth the look.
  3. CRASH COURSE - This video site will give you a Crash Course in any subject.
  4. PHYSICS GIRL - This web site brought to you by science teacher, Dianna Cowern, contains videos for demonstrating science in an easy to understand format. 
  5. NUMBERPHILE - Videos that make Math cool.
  6. THE SPANGLER EFFECT - Awesome science experiments demonstrated. Impress your students with some of these great experiments.
  7. SCIENCE HACK - This site offers educational science videos.  The videos have been checked for accuracy and validity.
  8. SCISHOW - Want to know why the sky is blue or how to get rid of hiccups, then check out this channel for more educational science videos.
  9. IT'S OKAY TO BE SMART - Cool facts and interesting trivia that you always wanted to know can be found on this YouTube channel.
  10. BRAIN PUMP - Can you cry in space? Do you procrastinate? Browse this site for random educational videos from science to just plan fun videos. 
  11. THE KID SHOULD SEE THIS - Search and enjoy over 1,800 videos. When you find a video you want to use again, you can click the Save this Video link and save the video for future use.
  12. TED-ED - Their tagline says it all, "Ideas Worth Spreading".
  13. DNEWS - Mind blowing questions answered with new videos everyday.
  14. TESTTUBE - Current events, politics and news videos. Great for History, Government, and Current Events classes.
  15. LIFEHACKER - One of my favorite YouTube channels.  Get info for anything technology and other stuff you just want to know about life.

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  1. These are awesome sites! Thanks for killing an hour of my life today ;)