Sunday, February 15, 2015


Google Drive Add-ons just keep getting better and better.  If you aren't using any Add-ons provided when using your Google Drive, you are missing some great productivity functions.  Here are a few that you might want to check out.

FLUBAROO - The best ever.  Never hand grade a test again.

FORMLIMITER - Set specifics like dates and times when people can access your Google Form. Great for setting time/date limits on a test for students.

FORM NOTIFICATIONS - This Add-on lets users create and configure email notifications that are sent when a Form receives submissions.

ADD REMINDERS - Use with Google Sheets. Receive email reminders before dates in a specific column of your Sheet are reached.

G(MATH) - Create graphs (including plotting points) and write complex math directly in a Google Doc.

EASYBIB BIBLIOGRAPHY CREATOR - Easily create a bibliography for research papers. Automatically cite books, journal articles and web sites. Format citations in MLA, APA, and Chicago style.

TABLE OF CONTENTS - Automatically create a table of contents in a Google Doc.

THESAURUS - Get synonyms, antonyms and for your Google Doc.

EASY ACCENTS - Add accents from foreign languages into a Google Doc.

TAG CLOUD GENERATOR - Great for English classes. This Add-on lets you generate a word lists in the side bar of a Google Doc that contains more than 100 words.

TEMPLATE GALLERY - Find lots of professionally designed templates to use as your own. Everything from calendars, schedules, invoices, resumes, letters, and other great templates.

GLIFFY DIAGRAMS - Insert a diagram, flow chart, venn diagram and other professional looking diagrams.

KAIZENA - I use this Add-on in my classes.  Speak instead of write comments on student docs. Makes it more personal and you can speak directly to specific parts of a students document.

OPEN CLIP ART - Search through more than 500,000 clip arts that can be inserted in a Google Doc.

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