Tuesday, April 21, 2015


There have been a few new updates to Google Classroom.

INVITE - You can now "invite" other teachers, substitutes, aides or supervisors/principals to join your classroom. Go to your About page and click "Invite Teacher". Additional teachers can do just about everything on the Classroom page that the primary teacher can do. They can create assignments or announcements, view and grade student submissions, and participate in the comments on the Stream page.

PREP AHEAD - Not quite ready to post an announcement or assignment?  Your announcements and assignments are now saved as drafts-just like your Gmails. If you add new teachers, they can also prep assignments in advance and even make changes to others posts.

AUTOSAVED GRADES - We all run out of time or energy to grade all of our students assignments at one time. Now you can return grades to students at the same time after all assignments have been graded.

BETTER NOTIFICATIONS - When you leave a private comment on an assignment, students will now get an email notifications about the comment. 

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