Thursday, August 6, 2015


Google and Microsoft Office are learning to play together nicely.  It has been fairly easy in the past to convert Office files to Google Drive by simply uploading Microsoft Office files. However, it just got a whole lot easier to save Office files into Google Drive by using the new Google Drive Plug-In for Microsoft Office.

The plug in adds a Google Drive icon to Microsoft Office that enables you to save directly into Google Drive. You can also open your Google Drive files while in Microsoft Office. This is a great new cross sharing option between Google Drive and Microsoft Office. I highly recommend checking it out.

First, you install the Google Plug-In. GET THE PLUG-IN HERE.

After installing and running the Google Drive plug-in,click Get Started. Open Microsoft Office. I opened a new blank Word Document.

I typed on the blank document as usual.  When I clicked Save As, I now see Google Drive listed as one of my options in which to save my file.

Now I can work on the document in Microsoft Word and also in Google Drive. If I work on the file in Google Drive and make changes to the document, when I open it later in Word, a dialog box will appear telling me that changes have been made in Google Drive. 

The Google Drive Plug-in for Microsoft Office is very easy to use.  I believe that it will be an awesome addition to my Computer Applications classes.  

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