Monday, September 7, 2015


Ok . . . if you are using Google Classroom, you HAVE to get this extension.  You will love it!! How many times do you ask your students to all go to the same web site and it takes them forever to all get on the same page?  No more!!

SHARE TO CLASSROOM lets you instantly share a web site with your students--including videos.

With SHARE TO CLASSROOM, you simply PUSH the web site to your students using your Google Classroom.  The web page will open immediately on any of their devices. Not only can you PUSH web sites to students, but they can also PUSH web sites to you. With this extension, you can also post an announcement and create an assignment.

Want another great Google Classroom extension? Check out my blog post from July 8 for information on the extension ADD TO GOOGLE CLASSROOM.

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  1. Share to classroom is a great feature as it really change the dynamic of the classroom.
    Here is a list of web links interesting and safe to share with the classroom: