Friday, October 9, 2015


Do you use Google Forms for tests and quizzes?  If you are not, you should definitely give them a try. I use Google Forms for 95% of my tests in my classes.  Once I have the Google Form ready, I can post it to Google Classroom.

Before when you posted a Google Form to Classroom, you had to do it as a LINK.  With the recent update, you can now add it through your Google Drive just as you do with other Google Drive files.

Once the file is uploaded to Classroom, the students can click on the Form link where they are automatically given the live view of the Form. 

The big change with this update on the teacher side is that when students are done with test, the teacher can simply click in the bottom right corner to View responses in Sheets.  This is an awesome feature, because you can see all the students who have taken the test without having to go to your Google Drive and open the Sheet.

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