Friday, September 30, 2016


Yesterday in Google Drive, the menu item under TOOLS  for Docs, Sheets, and Slides, was changed from RESEARCH to EXPLORE.

In Sheets, the new Explore feature is designed to help you understand your data easily.  You can ask Explore with words, not just formulas to get answers about your data. The idea is for the user to spend less time crunching numbers and figuring out formulas. There are also new formatting suggestions to help make the data in your Sheets stand out.

In Slides, Explore generates design suggestions based on the content that the user puts in the Slide. When a recommendation is presented, apply it with a single click.

Researching and writing reports just got a lot easier when using Explore in Docs. You will get instant suggestions based on the information in your Doc. Related topics and images will automatically be recommended based on your content. You can also search Google or other documents in your Drive.

I like the new look and features, but it seems that the ability to cite  a website or search quotes may not be around with the new Explore change.  Check it out in Google Drive.

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