Friday, May 25, 2018


Another school year is officially over for me! Yeah. But before I leave, there is one more Google clean up thing to do.  Archive those Google Classrooms.

Do not DELETE your class and your assignments from this years classes.  You may want to reuse them next year.  Archiving your classes will allow you to go back when school starts in the fall and pick and choose any assignments or announcements you used throughout the year.

Here is how to ARCHIVE your classes:

  1. Locate the 3 dots in the right corner of each of your classes. "More Options"
  2. Click the 3rd option of Archive
  3. Choose Archive
All your classes will be nicely Archived and easily accessed next school year.

When you Archive a class it simply shuts down the students ability to submit any work.  The documents and assignments used throughout the year are still in Google Drive in your Classroom folder organized in each class.  

Happy Summer!

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