Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Two days ago I thought that I had found the answer to my old iGoogle favorite with the iChrome extension. I went to the Chrome Web Store and installed it.  I felt like I had something similar to the old iGoogle start page that I used for over 10 years.  I really came to like it just in two short days----until tonight.  I think I have found a new "New Tab" favorite.

It's called Spots.  With Spots, you can add your most visited web pages right to your start page in a customizable look.  You can add your own images too. You also have quick access to installed apps and tabs that you have recently closed.  Another great feature - Spots gives you a Search box right on your start page. It really looks like a new tab page extension that has a lot to offer.  I have updated my Potts' Favorite Chrome Extensions and Apps doc with workable links to these two great new tab extensions.  Having a customizable "new tab" page will save you lots of time and make your Chrome experience even better.

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  1. Once again...Thank you and awesome job. I just don't know if I can let go of "my awesome tab page." I'll give it a try.