Thursday, August 7, 2014


Listed below are 10 ways that you might be using your Gmail incorrectly:

  1. You have a bunch of DRAFTS.  Check your drafts label--How many do you have?
  2. Deleting emails to get your inbox to zero.  Sometimes in an effort to have no emails we accidentally delete needed emails.
  3. Marking everything as READ. This follows on the heels as getting your inbox to zero. When you mark an email as READ, it decreases the number in your inbox. The problem arises when you mark emails as read when you actually haven't and you forget to check this email later.
  4. Having too many UNREAD emails.  Letting emails pile up is a digital mess. Use Gmail filters to help you weed out the emails that you don't even want before they even reach your inbox.
  5. Sending  to YOURSELF. We all send emails to ourselves to remind us of things to do and upcoming events.  Try using your Google Drive to save important info. 
  6. Overloading on LABELS, and SUB-LABELS. Labels and sub-labels are a great way to organize your inbox, but be careful not to create too many or you will forget where you file your emails.
  7. Mixing up REPLY and REPLY TO ALL. Make sure that you reply to the correct person or group. Use the UNDO SEND lab in your Gmail settings to get a gadget that lets you have 30 seconds to undo an email that you didn't want to send. This gadget really helps when using Reply/Reply to All.
  8. Keeping too many GChats conversations open.  Chats are an awesome tool.  But if you leave chats open, you tend to be distracted.
  9. OLD emails - NEW subjects.  Old emails/conversations can turn into lots of emails.  If the subject of the emails changes, start a new email.
  10. THANK you - NO THANK you. Sometimes it's hard to know when to end an email conversation.  You say thanks, they say thanks. When does it end? Who get's the last word?

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