Wednesday, August 6, 2014


The new Google Classroom is set to roll out to GAFE domains the week of August 11.  I recently blogged about the new Google Classroom (see June 17 blog post).  It's going to be an awesome new feature to help you get your students and classes organized.

To get started the week of August 11, you can visit and create your first class. Classroom is designed to help teachers create and collect assignments paperlessly.  Classroom allows teachers to create Drive folders for each students. That helps you and the students be organized. Teachers can add students directly to Classroom or share a code with students to join.  It takes just minutes to set up.

Google Classroom will put students on track with when assignments are due because assignments will be listed on an Assignments page. Students will also be able to see announcements sent by the teacher. All class materials are automatically filed into a folder in their Google Drive.  On the teacher side, teachers will be able to quickly see what students have or have not completed assignments.  In addition, you will have
real-time feedback and grade assignments quickly all in one place.

This should be a great new feature for GAFE users.

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