Thursday, October 16, 2014


As I find myself and my classes moving ever closer to being paperless, I also find myself with lots of emails containing assignments and shared docs.  I started to delete emails from students once I graded assignments.  Then I thought, maybe I shouldn't do that, maybe I might need them for some reason. So what to do with all the emails after I read them?

In my email, I created a label called 2014 STUDENT ASSIGNMENTS.  I put a number at the beginning of my label so that it appears at the top of my labels and is easy to find.  As I read the students assignments, I drag them to the 2014 Student Assignments label.  Out of sight out of mind. If I need them in the future they are in the label.  At the end of the year, I will simply delete the entire label along with--I am sure hundreds of emails from students.

Also, since I send so many emails to students, I include myself in the email as a BCC.  That way, I can easy pull up any emails I emailed to students. More organization--you can filter those emails into labels.

Hope this post helps you get a little more organized with all the "e communication" you receive.

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