Wednesday, August 17, 2016


I recently blogged about some new features in Google Classroom and the new updates to come. Well, the new updates have arrived.  New in Google Classroom . . .

GUARDIAN SUMMARIES:  Teachers and administrators can invite parents/guardians to sign up for email summaries to keep informed of their students progress.  Guardians can choose to receive the updates daily or weekly and they can unsubscribe at anytime. The summaries include missing or upcoming work, announcements and questions posted by teachers in the classroom stream.

Add a subject when creating a class.

Teachers can poll students using multiple choice questions and allow students to see a summary of their classmates answers.

Teachers and students can preview materials attached to assignments or posts.

Teachers can organize the class stream by adding topics to posts.

Teachers and students can filter the stream by topic.

Students and teachers can draw, highlight and write notes on documents and PDF's using the Classroom mobile app.

Teachers using an Apple ios can now post to multiple classrooms.

Using Inbox by Gmail, teachers and students can view email notifications.  

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