Thursday, March 2, 2017


I have been using (and loving) Google Keep to keep me organized since 2013. I have blogged about it, shown it in professional development sessions, and bragged about its awesome uses.  Well, it just got even better.

If  you don't know what Google Keep is . . . it's a note taking app (similar to Evernote) that lets you keep track of websites and take notes of important things, and set reminders. Plus it can all be customized with colors, pictures and so much more. Now it just got even better. Keep can now take your captured ideas, quick reminders, to-dos, meeting notes, and checklists and integrate it directly to your Google Drive.  Now how awesome is that!

I use Google Keep mainly on my phone and it is a lifesaver for keeping me organized.  This new update allows you to drop and drag all your notes from Keep into your Google documents. This feature is available via the web only.

Here is how it works. Once in Google Drive, click on the Tools menu, and you will see Keep Notepad. When you click Keep notepad, your Keep Notes will appear in the right sidebar within the Docs interface.

You can drag and drop your notes, images, and checklists right into your Google Doc.

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