Wednesday, September 6, 2017


With the start of school, you probably feel like you are on email overload.  One way to organize your email is to use LABELS. Google offers you several ways to create a label.  Probably the easiest way to scroll to the bottom left side of the main Gmail screen and click "More".  When the list expands, click "Create new label".  A box will appear.  Enter the name for your label. (Example: "My New Label") Labels can be "nested" under different labels. Once you have the label created, you can click the black drop down arrow beside the label and do several things such as color, edit, and remove.

One way to move the email to the label is to go to the toolbar above your emails.  Click the folder and find your "My New Label" folder.  The email is moved to that label.  If you have further correspondence within this email, it will appear in your inbox with the "My New Label" folder to the side of the email.  If you colored the label, it will appear colored.

You can also drag the email to the left side of the window and simply drop the email into the "My New Label".

You can also FILTER these emails.  What does FILTER mean?  When you filter emails, you are setting up an automatic place for certain (filtered) emails to go when you receive them.  Each time I get an email that relates to "My New Label" I want it to "go" to that label.  Click on the MORE button on the toolbar, and click Filter messages like these.

The box below will appear.  First make sure that the email is from: the correct person.  You can set up more filtering helpers by filling in any of the other boxes. Then click Create filter with this search and a another box will open.

Check out the short video on how to create the filter.

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